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White Sands

Almakhemy is the name of the school. Words have power so let´s explore the meaning behind this name, firstly, the meaning of the school name and the intention behind her creation. I said her because the school is conceived as a living being in a constant process of transformation and growth.

Alma means soul in Spanish, the native language of Mar, the founder of the school, and a word profoundly meaningful for her. She always thought that she was meant to have a child, that was going to be her name, Alma. 


Khem was the name of Egypt, known as the dark soil, ready to be fertilized for new seeds to grow after the floodings. In the school, there is a strong emphasis of reconceptualizing the words dark and darkness, reconceiving its original meaning of what it is hidden, the unconscious, the hidden  mystery of the Cosmos, the darkness that is necessary to see the stars. Remembering that balancing darkness and light is the way to keep aligning ourselves with all that is. 


Alchemy is the process of transformation from lead to goal and the mother of modern chemistry before the separation between science, art and spirituality, astronomy and astrology, myth and religion. The vision for the school is to remember the sacredness of the Universe, the meaning that breaths together, the  creativity that comes from the union of polarities, bringing the wisdom of the past to dream a more balanced future, grounding all in the present, in the sacred dance between being and becoming. 

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Almakhemy is founded with the goal to connect the depth of the Sea with the vastness of the Cosmos, bringing these energies to our physical beings in the practicality of everyday life, remembering the sacredness of who we are individually and together, shining our uniqueness so the community is vibrant by inspired human beings who live in alignment with who they are and who they are becoming. 


In Almakhemy there are 12 mysteries schools, that are honored,  (following Shamanic Astrology teachings), where there are 12 different paths for spiritual and soul growth as an process of being embodyed and open to an evergoing process of diving into the unconscious. The more aware that human beings are of their uniqueness the more that we can learn to truly collaborate and cocreate because when we connect with our unique gifts we understand that only us can bring them to the world. Competition then disappears, allowing us to be ready to build together an ancient future, becoming seeds for a more collaborative and conscious global tribe. 


Almakhemy is being created (conceiving that the school will be also in a continous alchemical process) with the vision of exploring the depths of what it means to be human. By merging the left and right brain, the logical with the intuitive, the rational with the artistic, the masculine with the femenine, shining from the core of our creative selves. There is a strong emphasis for diving into the sacred marriage between our masculine (yang- active, light, rational) and our femenine (yin- receptive, dark, intuitive) that goes beyond the distinction between men and women. A reconceptualization of these masculine and femenine energies behind all creative projects is also the core of the school, the dance between Mars and Venus in the sky and in the center of who we are.



In Almakhemy we want to promote self exploration, mysticism, esoteric wisdom together with scientific research, philosophical endeavours and a intellectual questioning, being open to keep diving into the depths of the meaning of the Cosmos in relation to who we are. A mission statement of Almakhemy is the vision that the Truth is so vast and complex that we need all of us to be more aware of it. Therefore, a shift from static knowledge to a dynamic construction and reconstruction of epistemology (the philosophical endeavour of accessing knowledge) where we learn to listen to the other to hear the truth whispering to us from the core of our hearts.  Almakhemy is conceived with a Shamanic vision of empowering individuals to connect with their inner spiritual guidance and to find direct revelation within themselves, looking at others as mirrors to reflect them back who they are but finding the center inside. 





In Almakhemy, different teachers share their wisdom in our programmes keeping in mind that we are building a kind of round table where everybody is a teacher and a student at the same time emphasising the need for a beginner mind and the confidence in our wisdom simultaneously. In Almakhemy we are constantly learning from each other, listening and sharing from the core of who we are, ceremonially honouring the wisdom of the land and the Universe within us and outside of us. 






Almakhemy is conceived beyond healing, as a process of growth (where healing a sense of brokeness is included but transformation is the aim) that combines the process of evolution (liberation and transcendance) with the process of inmmanence (connection) in a sacred dance. It is emphasizes as a continuous process that allow us to see our wounds as our deepest gifts, empowered by recognizing that we chose those wounds in order to grow to our mature and loving selves. This is not saying that the process of alchemically transforming is easy, quite the opposite, because authentic transformation requires an openness to continuously dying, decomponsing to the old, so the new can be born and rebirth can take place. 

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