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White Sands

In any session (Astrology, Reiki, Tarot, breathwork, art therapy, shamanic journeying), Mar is highly focused on creating a safe space for transformation to take place in order to have access to deeper reservoirs of energy, vitality when realigning ourselves with our souls, inspiring our memory to remember that everything that we need, especially in times of crisis, is already inside, By understanding the meaning of our wounds and suffering and taking the time and love to integrate them in who we are, transforming them into our medicine, our more powerful gifts for a new humanity, for ourselves and the world, bringing meaning back to our lives, transforming our suffering into beautiful and creative endevours (that can range from family, business to the arts), allowing our uniqueness to shine by finding unity in diversity.



Mar strongly focuses on empowering the person who is actively receiving the reading, inviting them to participate  in the process of finding guidance and dynamic alignment within themselves (and the energies of the times as they are symbolically represented in the astrological charts), diving into the potential of the mystery of life. In a reading you can expect guidance in accordance to your soul’s transformational and growth intent. Diving into your chart is an alchemical process of remembering what your soul (Alma in Spanish) already knows but it has been forgotten in societies and cultures that neglected to look to the stars (above and inside). It also helps you to decondition the limiting beliefs about who you are that were constructed in past for your family and culture of origin, allowing you to see a bigger picture. Any of the sessions with Mar are focused on being a profound spiritual experience, bringing also practical tools that can be used in your everyday life in order to align yourself with your soul´s intent and the energies of the specific timings of the session.

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