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Reiki is a deeply powerful, hands-on holistic technique that facilitates the body to connect with its own potential to heal itself.Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing channeled by an attuned practitioner to a client to treat afflictions of the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a particular practice that was rediscovered in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui. Mar is a Reiki Master certified in Bangkok with Melanie Giles-Glapp in Lotus Reiki and Yoga.

In Person Reiki Session


The Reiki session starts talking about your intentions regarding the session. Then you will lie down, fully clothed on a comfortable massage bed. Very relaxing music is used to help the body to relax so the inner healer can be awaked while Reiki energy is channeled to you. Depending on your own state of being at the moment and if you are open and ready for experiencing healing and transformation, you may sense how blocked energies are released in various forms such as tears and laughter. During the session, Mar may address some issues with spoken counselling while remaining channeling energy at all times. The session can be also conducted in silence if you prefer so.


The session will last around 60 minutes. Currently sessions in person are offered in Bangkok, Thailand.


Price: 1500 baht


Distance Reiki Session


The distance reiki session will be done by energetically tuning into your field. For this session, Mar will use Shamanic journeying with reiki in order to tap into your own soul’s intention for transformation, healing and growth. Before the session, we will talk by email about the issues that you would like to address and your intentions. We will then schedule a time where you can lie down, or sleep during the session.

After the session I will send you a recording with my insights and experience of the session and send it to you via email. The session can be also done together with Tarot in order to get further insights and guidance. You may then choose to contact me via email or text for more information.


The session will last around 60 mins.

Distance reiki session – 50 euros

Distance reiki session and Tarot – 70 euros

Mar is one of the most gifted Reiki channels I’ve had the privilege to work with both as a friend and a student, as well as a professional therapist in my own times of need.

She has such a rich life experience of her own to draw on, that you never ever feel judged or criticized, only absolutely safe and nurtured. Yet while you feel held in this sacred and confidential space, she is equally not afraid to challenge you to deeply examine your inner processes in order to help you find your own profound and often instantaneous healing!

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Not many people in the field of Reiki that I’ve met hold this neutral, expansive balance that Mar has - she possesses a true talent in her naturally intelligent & super conscious method of speaking to address deep rooted psychological, behavioural and traumatic issues to help you find release once and for all. It is no surprise to learn that she has years of research as a University level educator under her belt!

On another note, in her more recent explorations, I have had the blessing to enjoy a deeply revealing astrology reading with Mar that has helped me to understand myself better - armed with this planetary self-awareness, I’ve been able to better adjust my planning to shape and master my life path and interactions with others.

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As a fellow Reiki practitioner, I highly recommend Mar and often pass on to her the clients I am not available to assist.

Thank you Mar for your generous, open heart! To simply be in your presence is already healing. To have your trust, support, guidance and friendship is a true blessing in my life. May your light touch many others   

Blessings & gratitude,

Melanie Giles-Clapp
Founder & Teacher, Lotus Reiki & Yoga

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