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Earth Warrior Oracle Alana Fairchild


The symbology of the Tarot helps us to connect with the unfolding spiritual journey in the ever-going spiral path of transformation. It is the language of the soul, helping us to tap into the hidden messages of the unconscious (individual and collective). Mar approaches Tarot  (together with Astrology) as a tool to tap into the web of life, finding guidance in order to align with the soul’s intention. The cards allow us to tap into the energies of time in order to read the signs that inspire us to follow our unique paths. Therefore, Tarot becomes a powerful tool for spiritual growth, balance, and alignment. Everything in the Tarot talks about the sacred marriage of polarities, helping us to reconnect to the hidden language of the Universe in order to find the message that we are ready to hear at the moment of the reading. 


Mar uses Tarot and Oracle cards for spiritual guidance in order to align with the life’s soul intention for growth. Her approach for a reading is participatory, experiential and active, involving the seeker in the process (even when it is done by recordings) so the person receiving the reading can find further insights within themselves. This participation can be suggested with journeying, journaling, art processes and meditation. Even if the reading is previously recorded, Mar will engage the person to be part of the process of reading the cards.

She will also suggest tools to deepen the energies as revealed in the reading, also encouraging the seeker to be open to receive further messages and guidance. Some of the readings start with the astrological chart, seeing the energies of the person, the blueprint of the soul, and using the cards to find further guidance.  Tarot then is seen as a source of inspiration to grow by tapping into the power of our own subconscious, what is hidden, in order to  become more aware and more fully empowered to cocreate with the energies of the cycles of time, growing to our fullest potential. 

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Image by Alex Cao

Mar´s personal ethics in a reading:


  • I do not use Tarot as a predictive tool because I believe that the future is constructed every second by the decisions that we are making.  I approach Tarot to honor the path of the soul for healing and growth and, even in times of crisis, to tune into the energies of all that is in order to find the strength and the vulnerability to go within, to remember the answers to who we are and who are meant to become. My focus when reading Tarot is in transformation, consciousness and growth.

  • Everything discussed in a session (online, in person, or by recordings) is in confidence and it remains so.

  • I read the cards to find guidance, advice and to empower the person who is receiving the reading to dive into her/his own unconscious and inner landscape so more conscious decisions can be made in the future. I read in order to empower the person to realign themselves to their inner wisdom, the voice that is already inside. Therefore, I try to suggest practices and also to make the seeker part of the process. For me, the value of Tarot is guidance and transformation.

  • I do not read for people who are not part of the reading.

  • I do not read for medical issues.

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I had reading from Mar and it was absolutely spot on. I asked about my relationships as I had just  been ‘dumped’ by my boyfriend. Since then I have enjoyed several conversations with like-minded people and I feel that this positive shift is just the beginning of my new found confidence. Her reading was spot on – I am taking time out to work on myself and I know that is exactly what is needed. Thank you so much! Great Reading


JO, United States


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I received an in-depth reading from Mar that was absolutely incredible, that left me in tears of joy. Everything she said about my life was accurate…I gained so much clarity about my current situation which has been the source of confusion and doubt, and felt so much better after looking at the reading. I left with much more confidence than I had prior. I highly recommend her for readings as she is very detailed, accurate, and encouraging. 


-Brittany, USA

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