This session is conceived to help you get clarity, guidance and transform the energies that are keeping you from taping into your fullest potential. We will focus on a specific issue or concern, using different techniques like Astrology, Tarot, Shamanic Breathwork, Alchemical Energy Work.


The focus of the session will vary depending on what is emerging in you and what your soul needs to tap at this specific moment.  


I am looking forward to help you unleash YOUR POWER WITHIN!

The Alchemy of Being You


    Please keep in mind that my approach to astrology and Tarot is from the perspective of finding transformation, guidance, healing and  self-exploration,  so we can dive deep into the unconscious to bring up strategies and potential talents, creatively cocreating our fullest life into being. I do not predict what will happen because I do believe that we create our reality with our everyday actions and decisions.  I do not read for third parties, only I can read about how the energy is related to you, neither to find medical advice. 

    I approach these sacred tools as a ceremony for spiritual guidance in order to align with the life’s soul intention for growth. My approach for a reading is participatory, experiential and active, attempting to involve you in the process (even when it is done by recordings) so you can receive further insights within yourself. This participation can be suggested with journeying, journaling, art processes and meditation.