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Almakhemy is deeply focused on empowering souls to remember their life purpose in order to live more in alignment with who we are. Therefore, a strong emphasis in Mar’s work is placed on teaching and inspiring others to learn different tools that can assist us when trying to tap into the powerful reservoirs of energies of the unconscious. At the moment, Mar is offering the following mentoring programs to facilitate this process to activate the wisdom to remember:



In this mentoring program, you will learn how to use tarot for transformation and as a meditative tool to guide you. Tarot can be used as a powerful mirror where we can go back routinely to see ourselves. Tarot, used mindfully, provides a deep look into our subconscious.



In this mentoring program, you will learn how to use basic astrology tools to track your transits and to understand the energies of the times in order to be able to make decisions in alignment with the energies and the cycles of the times. For this mentoring program, the first session will be an astrology reading and the rest of the sessions are focused on learning the basic tools to be able to read your chart on your own in a deeper manner as well as how to read the transits. 


Any mentoring session with Mar is between 60 to 90 minutes and they can be done in

person or online. 


Having attended many of Mar's workshops and private sessions, I have found her to be very knowledgeable about astrology and various healing methods. She conveys her passion for healing/astrology with ease and sensitivity, and has a special ability to make people feel comfortable and to guide them towards finding their path. I thoroughly recommend one of Mar's sessions or workshops. You will certainly enjoy them and leave feeling something inside you has shifted for the better.


Ane, Spain

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