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I was born in Málaga, a stunning place by the Mediterranean Sea, in Spain. I feel strongly rooted in that land even when I have been living abroad for more than a decade. My own personal soul journey have been profound and very intense, taking me to many healing modalities (Reiki, Breathwork, Yoga, Astrology, meditation, Shamanism) that helped me to integrate the diverse parts of my being into a whole that is in a continuous process of change and  growth. My inner contradictions, paradoxes and suffering have been the resort to a constant search for connection and alchemical transmutation. I saw very clearly in a Shamanic journey that my life purpose was to transform suffering into beauty, canalizing the energies and allowing my wounds to become the medicine for myself and for others. 



I am a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, an interpreter of the Cosmic patterns (with a strong background on Shamanic Astrology), a Reiki Master, and a Tarot reader. I have a Master in Literature and Applied Linguistics and I have been working on my Phd in Psychology and Philosophy where I am attempting to understand what it means to be human and how human growth and development takes place when learning new cultures and languages, new perspectives that opens up for us the quantum field of possibilities.


I am deeply called to facilitate your own and unique transformational and soul journey in order to find the power to be who YOU truly are, diving in to remember, to transform and to create. I am excited to facilitate a sacred space for YOU to dive deep and fly high in order to embrace your fullest potential. The Alchemy of being you is the best medicine that you canbring forth for  yourself and for others.

I have been a teacher and a student for as long as I can remember. I am a Shamanic practioner, a mythical dreamer, learning about Shamanic practices from different cultures, particularly called to remember that Western societies also have a Shamanic past, such a Celtic, Egypt, Norse and Native American. For her in particular, a strong connection with the Mediterrean Sea is a core of her work. I am also a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, an interpreter of the cosmic patterns, a Reiki Master and a Tarot reader. I have been teaching languages for over 20 years and the transition to move to the language of the Sky of Astrology was a natural process of diving into the symbols that talk to us from Nature, the Nature of the Land, and the Cosmos. It was also the next step in my quest for understanding what it means to be human, fully human.

consider that asking the right questions is many times more relevant than finding the answers,so my seeking questions are:

Who are we?

How can we build together a Global culture with Heart and Soul?


How can we find unity in our diversity?


I am strongly called to discover with others ways of working with the logical, critical and lineal mind together with a more intuitive, artistic, circular way of thinking and being.  I want to explore what it means to be human in an experiential manner through dancing, painting, poetry, sound healing, breathwork and beauty so that we, together, can co-create with the Universe the life that we were meant to live and cultures that allows us to experience life in a more meaningful way, celebrating and honouring the gift of being alive.


Mar is a beautiful authentic soul who shares so openly her wisdom from the heart. In my astrological reading, she was spot on! Yet, there is a wisdom in her that traverses the astrology she recites. I felt she could see more deeply than only listening to the words that I was sharing. I am blessed for my path to have crossed hers!


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